The Scottish Coaching and Leading for Improvement programme (SCLIP)

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak we have delayed recruitment and commencement of the four SCLIP cohorts planned for 2020/21 (Cohorts 16, 18, 19 and 20). More details will be posted on the QI Zone and via social media when available.

The Scottish Coaching and Leading for Improvement programme is a 3-month Quality Improvement learning programme. It is a development programme for managers who want to:

  • coach and lead teams to improve their services
  • help embed improvement strategies within their organisation.



The aim of SCLIP is to develop coaching, leadership and improvement skills in core managers who lead at least one team. These managers will then be able to help embed improvement strategies within their organisations.

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

Quality Improvement

  • Explain the key concepts of science of improvement
  • Understand approaches and apply tools and techniques to accomplish improvement interventions  
  • Use data for improvement, including how to use run charts
  • Describe concepts of implementation, spread, and scale-up and have ability to apply in appropriately in a working situation   


  • Explain the similarities and differences between coaching for individuals and teams
  • Apply coaching skills to support teams to develop, test, and implement changes 
  • Use coaching approaches to achieve deeper conversations to facilitate team work 
  • Apply participatory decision-making tools to facilitate team decision making


  • Use Strength Deployment Inventory to demonstrate self-awareness and work effectively with difference
  • Explain the characteristics of high performing teams and team leaders
  • Apply theories to effectively lead teams through change
  • Use project management tools to lead delivery of improvement interventions

Participants will use coaching and leadership approaches to support a team or teams to apply improvement methodology. Participants are expected to share their learning and insights with other programme participants.


To find out more about the programme, please see below: