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Healthcare associated infections

Resources to support the understanding of healthcare associated infections (HAI) and infection prevention and control.

About Healthcare Associated Infections
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Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) are infections that are acquired in hospitals or as a result of healthcare interventions. There are a number of factors that can increase the risk of acquiring an infection, but high standards of infection control practice minimise the risk of occurrence.

This page provides information, education and training resources on healthcare associated infections and infection prevention and control.

The spring 2017 HAI educational resource leaflet details all the resources available.

The HAI team have mapped all their resources and produced a stand alone matrix which matches the resources to the target audience groups based on job roles.

  • Healthcare associated infection (HAI) education resource matrix ( Download, 219 KB)

This matrix may be of assistance when planning local training sessions for staff or identifying training needs.

Educational Resources
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NHS Education for Scotland (NES) have produced a series of educational resources as part of the work of the Scottish Government's HAI Taskforce Action Plan to reduce healthcare associated infection within NHS Scotland.

NES educational programmes, eLearning and training

  • HAI educational programmes ( Link)
  • HAI online short courses ( Link)
  • HAI training resources ( Link)

Completion of the HAI online short courses will provide you with evidence against the KSF dimension 2: Personal and People Development.  You will be able to provide evidence of contributing to your own personal development and the further development of knowledge and skills related to HAI and Infection Prevention and Control.

Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway

  • Scottish infection prevention and control education pathway ( Link)
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A clear staged pathway of contemporary HAI education to enable staff at all levels in all care settings to continuously improve their knowledge and skills around Infection Prevention and Control (IPC).